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Carpet Repair in Carmel, IN

Absolute Carpet Care and Repair in Carmel, IN specializes in carpet repairs and re-stretching estimates. Whether your carpet’s repair needs stem from pet damage or general wear and tear, our skilled technicians will have your carpeting patched and stretched to your specifications. Noblesville and Zionsville can also rely on us for: Reinstalling Carpet, carpet patching, seam repair, pet damaged repairs, and general carpets cleaning.

Carpet Re-stretching

Are you suffering from lumpy or loose carpets? Aside from endangering family members with the threat of tripping, these clumps are very unsightly. Calling us at (317) 286-2406 will have your carpet re-stretched to its original fit and finish. Regardless of the carpet’s type, woven or tufted or many others, the process is fast, and can be completed in one visit.

First, we pull back the carpet itself and then the pad. This must be done carefully to avoid tearing seams and complicating repair. New tack strips are then installed. This too must be done with precision as haphazard removal can damage the underlying flooring and affect fitting. The process culminates in resetting the carpet and stretching it for a new perfect fit. Of course, we guarantee our work along with your satisfaction

Fix your Carpet quickly and affordably

Absolute Carpet Care and Repair has all the needed tools ranging from cutters, pullers, and stretchers. Carpet patching is a specialty and an affordable alternative to replacement. Best applied to Berber or a carpet not requiring pattern matching, a burn stain from a fireplace ember can easily be patched over.

Loose carpet seams are often typified by ripples and caused by inadequate use of sealers during installation. We will customize our seaming repair to the particular style of carpet for best results.

Offering the best in Noblesville and Zionsville carpet care, we clean your oriental rugs with the same satisfaction guarantee that we remove pet stain odors.

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